Our First Product

 Today I want to share with you what we are working on and where God is guiding us for the future of GFW Life. We began the journey of GFW in prayer and fasting, seeking God’s guidance and voice in an unknown world of product design and creation. As we listened to what the Holy Spirit had to say, we all received confirmation about what our first product should be.

 In our last blog, we talked about how God started shifting our focus to Him first above anything else and gave us a heart for marriages and families. We knew God was birthing in us a vision, but we didn’t know how He wanted us to share it with others. After we all came together for prayer meetings regarding GFW and the vision moving forward, we felt that our first product should be a yearly planner.

 This yearly planner was not just to help an individual organize their lives in a physical sense but also in a spiritual one. So God showed us that we were to add devotion, prayer, and scriptures throughout. The planner was designed from beginning to end to connect your physical schedule with God’s priorities and plans for your life.

 The Bible says to do all things unto the Lord, and we wanted to create a beautifully crafted journal that would bring glory to Him. So we focused on every single detail inside and out. It took many samples from the manufacturer and many back and forths with the design to get this product where it is today.

 The journals are now being distributed throughout our marketing channels and will soon be available for shipment to our customers. We are very excited to launch our first product, and more are in the pipeline.

 After we began working on our first product, God started speaking to us about GFW Life. He showed us how he wants us to not only have a brand called GFW but to have it be a lifestyle because it is a lifestyle. GFW Life is a life focused on God, followed by Family, then Work, and everything else. Too many are addicted to work as their first priority today, and we believe God is beginning to shift the focus of His people.

 With GFW Life, a new vision was born to craft not only physical products but also content. Content that will portray all aspects of a God-centered life. We will share our breakthroughs, hardships, praise reports, and celebrations through our blogs, social media, and soon-to-come podcast on YouTube, as well as our physical products.

 We continually pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give us His vision for our business and our family. God has our hearts focused on marriages for our next product, and we are excited to share more about that in the coming months. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates when we release new product information!


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