Meet the Family

GFW is a family company founded by me, Matthew Biallo, my wife Aubry, and my parents, Jimi and Ursula Tunstall. I’m celebrating my nine year wedding anniversary this week and am excited to begin this new journey with my beautiful wife. 

We have had nine wonderful years of marriage after being high school sweethearts since 2010. I moved to the United States in 2003 from South Africa, where I was born. The first place I moved to in the United States was an apartment complex in Port St. Lucie, Florida where Aubry, a then eight years old Floridan local, was my neighbor and friend. Fast forward to 4 years of dating in high school, then getting married in 2014, and soon after that, we started having children.

We are now proud parents of 2 boys who are 5 and 7 years old. I can honestly say being a parent is so much more rewarding than anyone can tell you, but it’s also one of the hardest challenges in life. We have learned so much through God and our family in the past nine years and we can’t wait to share what we know and learn as we go through life together. 

My wife is a stay-at-home mom and takes care of and homeschools our two boys. This was always our dream, and we made financial sacrifices to make this a reality. Not only was this our vision for our family, but we believe it was the best way for us to put God and family first.

My mother, Ursula was widowed in 2012 by a tragic accident. Shortly after the accident, our family returned to Christ from being lukewarm Christians and God encountered us in such a powerful way. In 2016 my mom met Jimi at our local church at the time, and they were married within the year. Jimi and my mom are still so in love, and they fit each other perfectly. I can say Jimi has become a father to me and he has filled the gap I had for a male role model in my life.

He has three daughters and now a son. He is a big military guy on the outside, but he has such a different side of him when you sit down and actually have a conversation with him. I’m so thankful for God bringing him into our lives and am proud to have him as part of our family business.

Jimi is a very educated businessman who owns multiple successful businesses, even more successful now with Ursula by his side. Ursula has a lot of family in South Africa, and not only helps Jimi in their business endeavors but also is an amazing Grammy who loves to do creative things in her downtime.

There’s a lot more we have to share, but that’s a little background of who we are and where we came from. Stay tuned for more content! We have a lot to share and are excited to start sharing it with you. 


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